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Astrology-U is created to bring interested students together with good teachers with a system that enhances both the learning and the teaching experience.

Pat Collins, Founder and Director

Pat Collins began studying astrology back in the late 1960’s. Her first formal instruction was with Steven Arroyo. When he left the area, she continued her education by inviting the astrologers she wanted to study with to her community to do workshops. She went on to found Touchstone Center for Personal Growth in Cambridge, MA, lectured on astrology, was managing editor of the Astrologer’s Newsletter, and was a frequent guest on the radio in the Boston area.

After 25 years focused solely on astrology, she went to work in the high tech industry where she designed and produced educational materials and events, including a weekly webinar for technical experts around the globe. As she did this work, she often thought how wonderful it would be if astrology teachers had the same kind of support she was able to offer technical experts. That was the seed that led to Astrology-U.

It is our mission to support astrological education, for the students by bringing experts in the field to them wherever they are; and to provide astrology teachers with the best that technology has to offer educators. You can learn more about Pat at her website,

Silvio Cantillo, IT Director

Silvio has extensive experience as an IT Director for a number of academic institutions, including American Intercontinental University, University of the West, and the prestigious Colburn School in Los Angeles. He founded SA Communications, Inc. in 2007. Silvio was born in Nicaragua and came to the US when he was 15. A near fatal motorcycle accident 8 years ago, led him to an interest in astrology. With his work for Astrology-U, he is able to combine his experience in IT with his passion for astrology.

Melissa Seymour, Business Manager

Melissa Seymour’s background is a mixture of high-tech involvement, marketing all sorts of products, and lover of nature. She has worked for a number of computer companies as a technical writer and user-education product designer. She has a BBA in Marketing that she’s put to use in sales and marketing endeavors including an art business and working in trade shows and product demonstration arenas. With a life-long passion for all things in nature, Melissa obtained status as a Texas Master Naturalist. Melissa continues to hone her observational skills for watching wildlife; a skill she also finds useful for observing human behavior and how we relate. She’s excited to pull together all these interests to further develop and market Astrology-U. She sees the potential for Astrology-U as an extraordinary opportunity to stretch the capacities of eLearning and connect the best of astrology teachers with eager students from around the globe.